Solving Last Mile at the Warehouse

Intelligent automation to transform your
e-commerce shipping and delivery operation

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Over 50% of shipping cost comes from last mile delivery, and route optimization alone cannot solve this challenge. Greater physical and digital control of the delivery network is required.

Boxbot Solution


Boxbot adds a high-throughput automated buffering layer to give operators greater control of timing, grouping, and sequencing of parcels.


The Boxbot Operating System (BOS) adds intelligence and advanced capabilities by improving driver efficiency, pieces per stop, drop density, and more.

Transforming E-Commerce Delivery

Delivery Speed

Faster shipping including same day with multi-wave dispatch


Eliminating extra stops lowers costs and environmental impact


Volume pooling with partners enables Prime-level service


Technology for multiple points in the e-commerce supply chain

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Delivery Companies

Reduced cost structure and error rate of pre-load

Improved batching reduces stops

Boost facility utilization with multi-wave dispatch


Merge-in-transit for split shipments

Optimize between multiple delivery partners

Profitable micro-fulfillment

3PLs and Consolidators

Link multiple shippers and delivery networks

Real-time dynamic optimization

Boost/Increase facility throughput and ROI per piece


Automated Parcel Buffers

Scalable automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) that achieves required capacities and rates through modularity.

System handles wide range of typical polybags and cartons. Vertical storage increases package throughput per square foot.

Boxbot Operating System (BOS)

Operator Controls

Access to complete digital control of parcel handling within the warehouse:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Error Resolution
  • WES/WMS integration

Intelligence Applications

Network-level analytics for mixing center and delivery warehouse operations including:

  • Merge-in-transit operations
  • Pricing and density optimization
  • Customized applications
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